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Someone once said, "People think they know what they like, but the reality is they like what they know.”


We find this especially true with new and less experienced collectors. In today’s art market, many participants go by the simple mantra of buy, buy, buy. So, they buy without knowledge or simply a New York Times review in their hands: “Hot New Artists, Getting Hotter.” Now, more than ever, is the time to be working with an experienced art advisor in building a lasting collection.


What is our criteria when working with collectors? First and foremost, Suzanne and Jess present an array of discerning choices within the context of what the collector likes as well as the collector's objectives. We believe that you should always buy what you love. We begin by establishing a bond of understanding and mutual trust. We work for you. We bring you into the forefront of the art world. Education is key. We share our knowledge and expertise as well as our relationships with dealers, artists, and curators to expand your visual horizons and challenge ideas.

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