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Collective Histories

Suzanne Feldman

Beginning in the 1970s, when artists such as Cindy Sherman, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Richard Prince, and Robert Longo were just emerging, Suzanne was placing works of these artists in collections. Continuing through today, not only are collectors, museums, and corporations enjoying the art, but the financial benefits as well.


Suzanne has an incredible talent for spotting the new as well as hunting down the great masters of Post-Modern and Contemporary Art. Her wealth of experience and historical perspective has enabled Suzanne to capitalize on opportunities throughout all market cycles and weather market downturns that are always the true test for the art advisor.


Jess Feldman

Jess spent most of his life surrounded by art – his parents began collecting in the 1970s just as a core group of today’s established artists were emerging.


Jess initially chose a career in finance even as his interest in art remained ever present. After 17 years on Wall Street, becoming a trusted advisor, understanding markets and his clients’s objectives, he left to follow his passion. In 2014, Jess joined his mom, Suzanne Feldman, to form SJFeldman Art Advisory, combining Suzanne's 30-plus years of art market expertise with Jess's art and investment acumen. 


Collecting art can seem daunting at first since it’s hard to know where to start. My mom would say, “many collectors like what they know, but don’t know what they like”. So, one of the most important aspects of advising is educating our collectors to help them discover what they love by taking them behind the scenes and into the artworld. Furthermore, I not only help them develop their knowledge, but also help them to develop their eye. When they connect with an artist or an artwork and we place it in their home, it transforms their space. It’s to see them to engage with it every day.

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